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	<title>IPN Sample</title>

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	<h1>IPN Sample</h1>
			<li>Go to the PayPal <a href="https://developer.paypal.com/developer/ipnSimulator/">Instant Payment Notification (IPN) simulator</a>.</li>
			<li>As the <var>IPN handler URL</var> put in <var>http://samples.geekality.net/ipn/listener.php</var>.</li>
			<li>Choose a <var>Transaction type</var>.</li>
			<li>Put in some interesting values (or just leave the defaults).</li>
			<li>Hit the Send IPN button.</li>
	<p>When you've gone through the procedure above, you should find it in the log below (newest on top). Remember to refresh the log to see the latest entries =)</p>

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	<h2>Log <button id="refresh" title="Reload log"><img src="<?php echo WEBROOT ?>icons/arrow_rotate_clockwise.png" /></button></h2>

	<div id="log"></div>

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